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Zol'Mani and the Basin of Liveblood (Lvl 9-11)

Zol'Mani and the Basin of Liveblood (Lvl 9-11)

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Deep in the jungles of Nyumbaja, a hunched figure chants over a large, dead body. A purple smoke emerges from its mouth, descending to enter the body below. With a sudden shift, the body stands up, its eyes empty of personality. One more for the Lord of Blood. And very soon, he will return...  

Zol'Mani and the Basin of Liveblood is a module designed for a party of 3-5 lvl 9 to 11 characters. It features exploration of a dangerous jungle, stopping evil rituals by blood-magic practicing trolls, discovering mysteries about the old gods, and a final battle against a powerful shaman. It's designed to be ran in two 4-5 hour session, but can easily be extended or shortened like all of my other adventures.  It's full of DM advice and features several magic items, monsters, lair actions for the boss, as well as unique feats to reward your players.
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