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Perils of the Planar Pocket - Now available in print !

Ready to transform your encounters? Say goodbye to mundane monsters and hello to a whole new realm of elemental foes pulled from the most dangerous of the outer planes.

25 Unique Elementals and Hybrids: Each monster is meticulously crafted to integrate seamlessly into your world, offering fresh, exciting challenges for your players with brand new tactical and flavorful mechanics. From CR 1 to CR 21, they're ready to test your party through every tier of play.

Ready-to-Use Statblocks and GM Tools: Simplify your preparation with easy-to-use statblocks, compelling lore, streamlined tactics, as well as creative encounter and reward ideas.

Printable Monster Cards: Each creature comes with a high-quality ready-to-print card, so you can bring your roster to your session without carrying the whole book.

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The cover of a short adventure featuring the Nemean Lion from the Labours of Heracles

The Nemean Lion

Follow the first labour of Heracles in this dangerous hunt for the mythical Nemean Lion !

Lead your players into an ambush, then watch as they scramble to survive against the terrifying claws of the almost-invulnerable beast. Only the toughest and wittiest will have a chance to return...

Pick the whole adventure, the boss' lair, or just the lion's statblock ; they're all designed to be easy to use in their entirety or in parts.

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