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The cover of a short adventure featuring a yeti sold at a monster auction

The first edition of Session Scrolls is OUT !

Being a GM can be very time and energy consuming. When you just got home from work, sometimes there's nothing you want to do less than spending your evening prepping for your next session.

That's alright, because I'm doing it for you with this new series : Session Scrolls.

Twice a month, for half the price of a coffee, I'll be releasing setting-agnostic, easy-to-run adventures with enough content for a session and a half of excitement and wonder.

Each Session Scroll contributes to a larger plotline that will develop and flourish into an epic and engaging major conflict for your campaign. Use them as campaign guides, merge them with your own campaign, or just use the encounters and NPCs of the adventure to enrich your own world.

From now on, no more last minute struggle to think of content for your session. Just pop open your Session Scroll and go !

The first issue of Session Scrolls is Commotion at the Auction, an adventure starting at level 3 in which our heroes attend an exciting, yet deadly monster auction. What more, not all of the attendants are what they seem...

Will they uncover the guest's secrets, or will they end as small chunks in the belly of a monster ?


Check the product page below for more information.

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Claims from the Planes is OUT !

Claims from the Planes is a set of 15 planar-inspired magic items, from Uncommon to Legendary rarity. Reward your players for their interplanar expeditions with thematic weapons, tools and artifacts designed to provide unique and flavorful abilities that for once, they won't forget to use !

Best of all, it's available to you for FREE ! Just click the button below to get your cards.

Items Included :
- Bag of Hobbling
- The Brush of the Cloudweaver
- The Burden of the Mountain
- Eye of the Rift
- Netherflame Beacon
- Scalpel
- Souvenir Lockstone
- The Spire of the Deep
- Stumping Heart Locket
- The Feystep F'Luth
- The Nexus
- The Suncaller Talisman
- Trailblazers
- Umbral Satchel
- Whispers of Havoc

Print the cards, stick them together, and you're ready to go. Enjoy !

Give me those cards !

Get your FREE elementals and their cards !

A few months ago, I was building an encounter for my ongoing campaign and I found myself at an impasse. You see, the encounter was going to be a battle against the guardian of a volcano. I took a look at the elementals I could use for it, and quickly realized none of them would provide the challenge nor the wow factor that I wanted.

Fire Elemental ? It's got a fire aura, that's about it. Fire Myrmidon ? Basically a less interesting Fire Elemental. The next creature I could find was the Phoenix, and even that's pretty basic.
You get the point : they're too simple, and too much of the same… so I made these instead ! And now, I'm giving them to you.

Get the Blaze Marshal, a commander of explosive wisps ; the Molten Guardian, a stance-changing brawler ; and the Scorcher, a long-range artillery with dangerous but telegraphed attacks.

As a bonus, I've included their ready-to-print cards, if you need them on the go. Just click the button below to get them for yourself !

Bring me the elementals !

Perils of the Planar Pocket is out, right now !

How many times has this happened to you : you think all week about your game, take your afternoon to prepare and start building your encounter. You've got everything ready, and now you just need the right monster... but every option you find feels like a repetitive variation you've seen ten times before.

As a fellow GM, I hear your plea. That's why I'm proud to announce my new compendium of unique elemental monsters : Perils of the Planar Pocket.

Whether you're guiding new adventurers through their first missions, or crafting intricate stories at epic levels, Perils of the Planar Pocket gives you all the tools to make challenging and memorable encounters without breaking a sweat.

Each of the 25 elementals and hybrids of the compendium is meticulously crafted to be seamlessly integrated into your world, providing you with easy-to use statblocks, enticing lore, simplified tactics and even encounter and reward ideas.

Thought that was all ? To make running your sessions even easier, each creature in Perils of the Planar Pocket is also available in a 31-card deck, available both in digital and ready-to-print formats.

digital and physical card decks will be available soon.
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