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Free Elemental Monsters ! - Perils of the Planar Pocket

Free Elemental Monsters ! - Perils of the Planar Pocket

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A few months ago, I was building an encounter for my ongoing campaign and I found myself at an impasse. You see, the encounter was going to be a battle against the guardian of a volcano. I took a look at the elementals I could use for it, and quickly realized none of them would provide the challenge nor the wow factor that I wanted.

Fire Elemental ? It's got a fire aura, that's about it. Fire Myrmidon ? Basically a less interesting Fire Elemental. The next creature I could find was the Phoenix, and even that's pretty basic. You get the point : they're too simple, and too much of the same... so I made my own, and I'm giving them to you for FREE !

I've even done you a favor and included the ready-to-print cards for each of them, just in case you want to have them ready on the go.

Just pick up the PDF, check the lads out, and plop them straight into your game next session to make your players sweat, scream and cry while you finally get to play a cool monster.

These monsters are from my book, Perils of the Planar Pocket. Check it out here !

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