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The Nemean Lion - Labours of Heracles

The Nemean Lion - Labours of Heracles

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Labours of Heracles is a new adventure book that will release around mid-May this year. It will contain a series of small adventures following the mythical Labours of Heracles and giving you to the tools to recreate the legends within your own game !

This FREE issue presents the hunt of the Nemean Lion, Heracles' first task. Bring the terrifying beast into your game and terrify your players with its metal-cutting claws and almost-invulnerable hide. They'll have to use their wits to best it, and even then… they might not return. Pick the whole adventure, the boss' lair, or simply the statblock : they're all designed to be easy to use in their entirety or in parts.


All art created by BigDud using Midjourney, Krita and Adobe Photoshop.

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