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The Forge of the Mad Flame (Lvl 10-12)

The Forge of the Mad Flame (Lvl 10-12)

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Deep inside the mountains of the Icespire Summits, the Forge rests still, cold. Long abandoned, forgotten, it should have fallen long ago to the wear of time... but something within stirs, as unrelenting as the waves of the ocean, or lightning from the sky. A flame, chaotic and different. Ancient. Powerful.

Bring your party along as you search a frozen landscape of jagged mountains to find an ancient forge built by the Thorimir giants. Hide from terrible beasts as you desperately huddle for warmth in all-encompassing blizzards that freeze your limbs and your will to continue. Uncover the secrets of the Mad Flame and of Gundyr, the leader of the Thorimir, and fight fiercely to recover the power still present within the Forge...   

You will be burned, that is certain.
But will you return as yourself, or something else ?

The Forge of the Mad Flame is a module designed for a party of 3-5 lvl 10 to 12 characters. It features an exploration section in arctic mountains, an ancient giant city, mysterious forces from beyond this world, and an epic final battle against an army of frost giants possessed by a force of chaos. It's designed to be ran in either one long session, or two 3-4 hour sessions, but can easily be extended or shortened like all of my other adventures. It's full of DM advice and features several magic items, monsters, as well as a unique legendary hammer.

You'll receive the PDF of the adventure, particularly structured for your ease of use as a DM, as well as battlemaps and their variations, a separate PDF for the legendary Hammer of Gundyr, and a bundle of evocative art used for the adventure to be used as handouts !

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Customer Reviews

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Samuel F
Very inventive

two parts of the mad flame deserve special praise:
1. There is an open ended puzzle in the middle that doesn’t have a printed solution - the book includes many examples of ways that could solve it, but leave it open to the dm and players to progress when they feel right. I think that’s awesome.
2. I was initially disappointed that there wasn’t a boss at the end - however, the fear that my players felt as each new wave of enemies came with no end in sight - that was awesome.

Thanks and I look forward to running the Grove soon!

Thank you for your kind words !

If you're looking for cool boss fights, I definitely recommend checking out Eggs-Pedition to the Depths and The I.N.S.P.E.C.T.I.O.N, which both have climactic encounters against powerful creatures at the end.

Have fun with the Grove !