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Journey to the Grove of the Sun (Lvl 10-12)

Journey to the Grove of the Sun (Lvl 10-12)

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On a quest from the Queen of Summer herself, bring your party to the Grove of the Sun, a mystical sanctuary long-forgotten by most. Cross the strange biomes of the Fey Lands, from fields of glittering dust to caverns filled with sentient brambles. Extract a rose from the deepest, most protected part of the Grove, and escape before their wrath follows...

Adventure awaits. 

Journey to the Grove of the Sun is a module designed for a party of 3-5 lvl 10 to 12 characters. It leads our players through the Fey Lands, a plane of whimsical nature and strange magics, inhabited by even stranger fey, fairies and many other creatures. On this other, strange plane, our party will fight for the favor of the Queen of Summer, a powerful archfey ; to their dismay, the tasks given to them might not be as simple as they look.

The adventure includes an exploration and roleplay section as our players move through the Fey Lands and encounter their inhabitants, as well as a dungeon, the Grove of the Sun, where they'll meet many friends and foes alike ; can they convince the protectors of the Grove of letting them pass, or will their journey leave a trail of destruction ?

You'll receive the PDF of the adventure, particularly structured for your ease of use as a DM, as well as battlemaps and their variations, a separate PDF for the legendary quiver Phar'Boreum, and a bundle of evocative art used for the adventure to be used as handouts !

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