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Eggs-pedition to the Depths : A Hatching Hope (Lvl 7-9)

Eggs-pedition to the Depths : A Hatching Hope (Lvl 7-9)

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I return with another adventure in far away lands ! This time, we send our adventurers in the depths of the underworld, where they must once again put themselves at risk for their survival.

With food being scarce and the strength of their tribe dwindling, our party must delve into the darkness to find the one thing that can save them : the eggs of a powerful hydra, which when eaten can turn even the meekest of warriors into a mighty hero.

Unfortunately for our party, they aren't the only ones having heard the birthing roar of the hydra... tribes of all kinds have sent their own warriors to find and claim the legendary prize. They'll have to eliminate them before they reach the eggs, or find common ground on which to ally. Will our party escape the hydra's lair successfully, or will their bones be crushed between its numerous jaws ?

Find out in the new adventure : Eggs-pedition to the Depths : a Hatching Hope !

This adventure is made for a party of 3-5 lvl 7 to 9 adventurers, and is made to be ran in a single session. It's primarly focused on exploration, problem-solving and combat, although there are social opportunities within. There are multiple ways to run it so that even if you run it again later, you can have fun with variations of your first experience. You'll also find a number of custom feats as rewards for our adventurers at the end of the document.

You'll receive the PDF of the adventure, particularly structured for your ease of use as a DM, as well as several battlemaps, and a bundle of evocative art used for the adventure to be used as handouts !

(All battlemaps are made for 128 PPI resolution)

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