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Commotion at the Auction - (The Nameless Hero Pt 1)

Commotion at the Auction - (The Nameless Hero Pt 1)

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This Session Scroll is the first part of the six-session adventure "The Nameless Hero", in the series Return of the Eternals.

At the Varhunt Auction House, dozens of excited noblemen, wealthy artisans and shady businessmen await a great exhibition : today, some of the rarest creatures from all around the world have been gathered by the two Varhunt brothers to be sold to the highest bidder. From the legendary Frostfang Yeti to the elusive Wraithwolf, these fantastic beasts promise great wealth and success to those with the ingenuity and the audacity to put them to use.

Beware, however : not all is it seems. Hiding their true intentions, some members of the crowd are pursuing their own agenda -- for their own good or to achieve mysterious ambitions ? The exhibition commences, and chaos ensues as the magical restraints of several creatures fail simultaneously. In this mayhem, our players will have to work together to capture the wild beasts that have been unleashed,
while uncovering the hidden motives of a young noblewoman and a mysterious thief.

Will they uncover the guest's secrets, or will they end as small chunks in the belly of a monster ?

This Session Scroll is designed for a party of 3-5 lvl 3 adventurers, and is made to be ran in a single session. It is setting-agnostic, and can both be ran as a one-shot, as a side-mission for a full campaign, or as main session if you're following the Return of the Eternals campaign.


You'll receive the PDF of the adventure, as well as the art and tokens for NPCs and monsters.

All art in the PDF was made by BigDud using Midjourney, Krita, and Adobe Photoshop.
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